Professional Indemnity Insurance

Working as a professional, whether self-employed or for a large company, can be hugely rewarding but it can also place you in a vulnerable position if your advice or service is called into question. At G R Marshall, we can provide Professional Indemnity Insurance cover designed to help keep professionals secure.

If you cause an accident during your work, or give advice that a client believes has had a negative impact upon them, you could find yourself in the firing line and on the receiving end of legal action. Defending yourself in court can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, particularly if you are self-employed, as legal costs can quickly mount up. Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover theses costs, allowing you to perform your work in confidence, without having to worry about the financially damaging effects of a mistake or misunderstanding.

Whether you’re a solicitor, an accountant, a doctor, a hairdresser, a member of a marketing agency or working in a different field entirely, talk to G R Marshall about Professional Indemnity Insurance today and see if we can help support you.

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