What’s In Your Suitcase? The 10 Items Most Often Forgotten By Travellers

It’s a scenario familiar to travellers the world over. You arrive at your hotel and open your suitcase, only to discover you’ve left something vital at home.

Some things like sun cream and shampoo can be easily repurchased for the duration of your trip, but others are harder to source. GR Marshall has listed out the 10 items holidaymakers forget most regularly, so you can make sure they’re on your packing list.


  1. Phone charger
    We’re pretty attached to our phones these days – in fact we’re never off them. But you might have to face a few days without your phone if you forget your charger, a situation that’s not ideal when you’re abroad.


  1. Toothpaste
    Whether you forgot to pick it up with your toothbrush, or assumed it would be provided by your accommodation, it’s an easy toiletry to forget. Try keeping a travel-size tube in your washbag for emergencies.


  1. Swimwear
    Even if you aren’t visiting a beach-side location, don’t forget that your hotel may have a pool in the gym or you might end up missing out on a hot tub party, just for lack of a pair of trunks.



  1. A travel lock
    You never know when a small padlock might come in handy, from hotel gym lockers to protecting against pickpockets…just don’t forget the key!


  1. Snacks
    At the airport, during a long day’s sightseeing or at 2am when the hotel bar is closed, it never hurts to have some non-perishable snacks like cereal bars on hand to prevent hangry holidaymakers.


  1. Camera accessories
    You’ve remembered your expensive digital SLR – hurrah! But you’ll kick yourself if you’ve forgotten your battery pack or memory cards to record those holiday memories.


  1. Something warm
    Yes you’re heading off to warmer climes, but don’t underestimate how chilly it might get at night, especially if you’re near the sea.



  1. A hairbrush
    Amongst your beauty kit, it’s easy to forget the simplest tool of all – a hairbrush! Buy a cheap travel comb and leave it in your suitcase to avoid bad hair days in your holiday snaps.


  1. Laundry bag
    The most under-estimated of holiday items, make sure you bring a drawstring laundry pouch or simple plastic carrier bag so you can keep clean underwear separate from worn stuff.


  1. First aid kit
    A small first aid kit is gold dust when you’re abroad, especially if travelling with kids. Bandages, blister plasters and anti-septic gel are essentials.

These forgotten items are unlikely to ruin your trip, but if you lose something important like your passport or expensive camera, avoid a holiday disaster with the right Travel Insurance from GR Marshall.